Anita C Powell

AnitaCPowellAPAnita is a Certified Angel Practitioner™, a Member of The International Association of Angel Practitioners and Host of Friday Angelic Realms Radio Show!

Anita is also a Certified TAPN2U Life Coach/Teacher and Numerologist. She has been studying, practicing and applying Numerical Energy in her life, as well as servicing others, using this form of energy work, since the 1980’s.

Coined the ALC (the Amazing Life Coach), Anita is Director of Engai Creative Thought Academy, creator and developer of the TAPN2U Treasure Map Experience, TAPN2U Self Recovery cards, TAPN2U “Thought Massage – Message to Massage Your Mind” Personal Guide and the “If I, then I AM” Self Recovery booklet. Anita has been using her Self Recovery cards to guide others to the answers already inside, since creating them in 2015.

Anita’s passion and purpose is to help to guide you to the answers already inside of you – to TAPN2U. She is a speaker and published writer/author. Anita also services as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Master Reiki Practitioner and Certified Aromatherapist. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysical Philosophy and is currently pursuing her Master’s.

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