Cindy Ellen

CindyEllenAPprofileCindy Ellen is a Member of The International Association of Angel Practitioners (I.A.A.P.) and a Certified Angel Practitioner™.

She is a born medium and has always been aware of angels/spirit.  Her first memory of communicating with angels and spirit is at the tender of age of 4.  They are as real to me as you. 🙂  I always found ways to pass messages along to others from spirit and have been doing so more publicly since 2012.

Cindy’s love of Numbers began at the age of 7.  Angel Numbers/Numerology is such a profound insightful tool! She is also a born empath and healer. (we all have the ability) As a child I “loved” things better, whether it be people, plants or animals. Since then, Cindy has been certified in all levels of Reiki, including Master/Teacher.

She started using Rider/Waite Tarot cards at 17, and has had several other decks.  Angel Cards is where she found my niche. She also uses Michelle Buchana’s Numerology deck.  I was ecstatic when I found that deck!

Cindy is currently enrolled in our Angelic Numerology™ Course and is also an Ordained Minister.

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