Pamela Jones

Pamela Jones is a co-host of our Tuesday Show, on Angelic Realms Radio.

She is a Member of The International Association of Angel Practitioners (I.A.A.P.) and a Certified Tarot Master (The Tarot Guild).

In addition to working with Angels, Pam is an Energy Healer. Known online as Oceana Power, she is a Quantum Touch™ Healer, Certified in Reiki and a Certified Whole Body Relaxation Massage Therapist…

She is a Graduate of Our Certified Angel Practitioner™ Course (CAP Course), from Maria G Maas, and a Graduate of Our Angelic Mediumship™ Course (Angel Medium), from Janice Fuchs!

I like finding holistic alternatives and because everything is energy it can be manipulated to help alleviate pain. I have been a longtime advocate for natural health and healing. I am now at a point that I have rediscovered my intuitive sense to help other people with their emotional and physical pains by using my innate gift of energy healing.

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