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RobinWiggsRobin is a Member of The International Association of Angel Practitioners (I.A.A.P.) and a Certified Angel Practitioner™ – A Graduate of Maria G Maas’ Certified Angel Practitioner™ Course.

She is also a Certified Master of Crystology, First Degree Practitioner of Huna Kane, a  #1 “Best of the Best” Arvada Press (2013 – 2014 – 2015), in the Top 10 (2013 & 2014) of Denver’s “A” List, and a Licensed Massage Therapist…

Robins Says:
You could say I had a ‘mid-life awakening’, quit my corporate job of 30 years and welcomed my ‘soul self’. Being an intuitive and a conduit for others’ healing, with physical bodywork, energetic healing and Soul guidance is why I was placed here on this earth. My work is constantly growing and evolving as am I!

Massage Therapy was the gateway for the development of my natural intuitive talents. Subtle-body healing, mind-body visualization, Soul Guidance and Shamanic healing techniques are my offerings in service to You, but there is no telling what I will evolve into tomorrow!

Even as a child I was very aware of the ‘other world’, at that time I just didn’t know what to do with it. I am in gratitude to my Guides everyday for leading me along my path to this point and for what is still to come in my journey here on earth. Opening me, challenging me, pushing me, breaking me and restructuring me, always in Divine Love.

I have known for a long time my purpose here in this incarnation is that of healer, as well as student. When you stop learning you stop growing, you stop unfolding to the brilliant light we can be here on earth. Allowing Spirit to speak to me as well as through me, to teach me and lead me is what makes me a compassionate and safe conduit for You and your growth. Even with the gifts I have been given, Spirit teaches me something new each time I work with You.

Whatever your perception is when You are led to this sacred space, body, mind, spirit; know that You have answered a call that will change your experience and your existence here on earth. Know that I see You as You are; A light being, a spark, a fiber of the whole Universe having a Human Experience and with the guidance of Spirit You will be sheltered, challenged and loved.

In her Angel Readings, Robin loves to work with multiple decks, within each individual Reading! She loves how they support each other…

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