Author: SunshineShGa
Sunshine practices Intuitive Tarot, Angel and Oracle card readings as well as pendulum readings. She is available for readings through and her FB page, "Healing Sunshine". She is a member of and the International Association of Angel Practitioners (IAAP). Sunshine is a "Certified Angel & Tarot Card Reader", having successfully completed Maria G Maas' new course, "Mastering the Art of Angel, Oracle & Tarot Card reading". She also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from India and has over 14 years of corporate work experience. You may reach her through any of these links -- (Healing Sunshine) -- --

“Clear Yourself” as we enter the month of MAY 😇“Clear Yourself” as we enter the month of MAY😍 As we start this wonderful month of May today, the Angels would like us to ‘clear ourselves’ of any toxicity we may have brought forward from our experiences during the

Angel Therapy Today 👼Third-Eye Chakra👸 You are blessed and divinely protected to be able to see with your third-eye chakra all that God & the Angels would like you to😍 Notice and Trust your inner & outer visions as you have worked

“🌹🌼Out with the Old, and in with the New 🐞🍀” 🦋Healing thought for today comes from the “Healer of Thought”👸 “🌹🌼Out with the Old, and In with the New🐞🍀“ Those aspects of your life that no longer serve your Divine purpose need to be cleaned and cleared from your

👼”You are a Lightworker”👼 Angel confirmation for today: “Yes,You are a Lightworker“ Angel INDRIEL so beautifully, sends us all this confirmation in our day today, helping us understand our Mission! As Lightworkers, God wants us to shine our Love & Divine Light on

“Deep Freeze” in this Summer !! “Deep Freeze” Time to do some self-care, rest, relax and rejuvenate🌺 The big ideas, projects and/or installations can “wait” for some more time as it seems time is under a deep freeze as of today!! You may take this

Easter message for you ! Secrets, Mysteries, Intuition😁 It being Easter today, I was so tempted and guided to use a Tarot deck to let us get domestic and at home 😜 So with this card, High Priestess, the imagery is tempting as its