Author: Aria Moonstone

Reveal Posted: Pick An Angel Crystal Oracle Card

Close your eyes and still your mind. Pick the card you are most drawn to for your personal message and guidance from the Crystal Angel Oracle. Reveal will be tomorrow in this post. Let your intuition guide you. Leave your

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Online Dating Advice for the Everyday Goddess Seeking her Warrior Part 1

In theory online dating is an amazing concept. Years ago,  my girlfriends and I used to joke that it was like ordering pizza. I guess in some ways it still is. Online dating isn’t for the faint hearted. It will

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Angel Card of the Day: Play

It’s time to Play. The Angels are reminding you to get in touch with your inner child and take time to play. You’re so focused on the harsh realities of life that you have forgotten to be light hearted and

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Self Hypnosis: Past Life Regression with Michael Sealy

I am often asked about past life readings. I personally don’t do them for clients as I feel this is a personal journey that one must embark on their own. My personal recommendation is to either seek out a trained

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Simple Cleansing and Protection Ritual

Most people don’t realize how the outside world effects them. We constantly pick up other people’s energetic debris throughout the day.  Unknown to the average person, this energetic debris greatly effects us on a daily basis. This debris resides in

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Angel Therapy Meditation with Doreen Virtue

This Angel therapy meditation is a wonderful deep spiritual cleanse by the one and only Doreen Virtue. This meditation works with all the Archangels and helps restore balance and cleanse every single aspect of yourself. It’s about an hour long,

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When Good Readings Go Wrong

We all have at some point walked away from a reading thinking “what was that?” and seeing the person as a hack, a fraud and never return to them again. Now in all fairness, sadly, there are many readers out there that

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