Author: Delores Williams
Delores Williams is a Member of the International Association of Angel Practitioners ( I.A.A.P.), and a graduate of the Certified Angel Practitioner™, Certified Angel Medium™ and Angelic Law of Attraction™, Delores is also a Member of The Tarot Guild. She is currently studying with Dax Carlisle and Maria G Maas to complete the other Angelic Course offerings in Angelic Numerology™.and Mastering the Art of Angel, Oracle, and Tarot Card Reading. Delores is a student of Angel, Faerie, Animal Spirit Guides and Tarot Card Reading, Mediumship, Healing hands, Reiki, Reflexology, Crystal Healing and has been studying for 25+ years. Delores posts daily on her Facebook pages, Facebook groups, and Instagram. Delores and her Angelic guidance look forward to guiding you on your soul's journey in love and light.

Divine Message: Clearing Energy

It is time to clear self from all the old, stagnant energies from 2017 to make room for the amazing energy of 2018. There are many ways in which to do this. We will share a few with you: ~burning

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Divine Message: Christmas Blessing

As Christmas approaches it is with open loving hearts we embrace it. It is a time that we acknowledge the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. It is a magical time. We spend more time with loved ones, we visit, love,

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Divine Message: Action Call

We are in the magical season of December were anything is possible. Yes, things are possible all through the year, but it is more so now. Heed what you say and think. Your words have great power, use them to inspire.

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Daily Practice

I believe in a daily practice. I for one, pray, meditate and read a daily devotional. The daily devotional is a personal choice. I have a few that I love to read from, God Calling, God Calling 2 by A.J.

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Joyful Connection!

Our soul journey takes us on many paths. As we have free will, we choose the paths to take. The path that brings us the most joy and connection to the Divine is the one that fuels our passion. That passion

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Blessed and Gratitude

As I start my day, I feel blessed and gratitude for the souls that have crossed my path. They have brought me a wealth of knowledge.  Their lessons and love have given me confidence, courage and opened me up to

Acts of Kindness

Imagine what our world would be like if we did acts of kindness throughout the day! Kindness is as simple as a smile shared. Making a meal for someone who isn’t able to do so or for someone in need

Love not judge

When we judge others we are not coming from a place of love or from our higher self. Each of us is unique. We all need to embrace our uniqueness and stop judging ourselves and others as we feel they

Gifts of Love

We have all been blessed with gifts. It is what and how we use them that is important. The first step is in Trusting your gifts and Knowing they are coming from a Higher Power! These gifts of love are