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Lily Dale 2.0

A little while ago, friends and I met up for some fun, food, and tarot readings.  Earlier that week, my Akashic Tarot cards had come in the mail, and I was ever-so-eager to try them out.  We always try something

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Earth Angels Update!!!

  Update on what’s been happening with Brenda: Brenda has been to a shaman/traditional healer who seems to have removed the influence of her own personal ‘Kilgrave’, who we will name Frank. At another evening of doing message work with

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Who is Archangel Jophiel?

ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL, is the Archangel that wants us to stop and smell the Roses.  She can be shown as a feminine or masculine energy. She is the Archangel of Art and Beauty and the Patron of Artist.  Archangel Jophiel is

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What is an Angel Practitioner?

An Angel Practitioner is a Psychic/Intuitive Light Worker that works closely with Archangels and Angels to help give advise and/or healing to others, animals, and the planet. They can be in many types of Psychic and Healing disciplines. To name

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Do I Have a Guardian Angel?

The Answer is YES. We are all born with a Guardian Angel that stays with us from Birth to Death. Some believe the same Guardian Angel is with us in all our lifetimes. Our Guardian Angel whispers in our ear

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Earth Angels

Toronto.  May. 2017. Walking my Chow Chow down the street, I am reflecting on what has transpired over the past few weeks, few months, few years.                            

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Myth, fairytale, tantra helps!

It is June 2017 and having recently sensed an ‘upgrade’ and gone through an initiation in which I was told that (some of) my Spirit Guides had graduated and that I would be getting four new ones, I am a

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Soul searching

  My Therapist Klare is always trying to get me to meditate it can be kind of annoying, but I am going to try out of sheer desperation. Georgie exclaimed. Klare looks pretty happy, and her life doesn’t seem so

Angelic Reiki

A woman I had met at Arthur Findlay College in the U.K. first introduced me to Angelic Reiki.  As soon as I had heard her talking about it, I naturally thought it would be a perfect accompaniment to being an

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Face Reading

As a child, I used to get messages from clouds, leaves, rocks — basically, the whole world around me!  I even used to marvel at how each of my finger or toe nails seemed to embody a different character, like

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