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What Are Archangels?

Archangels are the Messengers of God or Source.  They were created to help humankind along their path to guide and protect.  The Archangels are know by many religions and spiritual people.  They are made of pure energy, so they may

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The Power of Forgiveness

  FORGIVENESS has incredible healing power for you!  When you forgive, you immediately feel that a large burden has been lifted from your shoulders.  You no longer hang unto the anger, which is toxic to your body and soul. When

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Monday – Oct 2nd: “Get Positive Live Positive” with Melinda Carver!

Monday, October 2nd, on Angelic Realms Radio! Host Maria G Maas welcomes her Special Guest: Author, Psychic Medium & Radio Host Melinda Carver ….They will be discussing Melinda’s new book: “Get Positive Live Positive: Clearing the Negativity from Your Life”!

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Members Exclusive – Any Course $67!

You Must be a Member of The I.A.A.P. to access this Page! …If you are a Member, please LOGIN at:

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1/2-OFF Membership Sale Ends Soon!

Sale Ends In:Countdown We are Super Excited to be starting our *New broadcast season, here on Angelic Realms Radio! So, we have decided to celebrate by making it Even Easier to become a Member of The International Association of Angel

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Archangel of the Autumn Equinox

Sunflower with caption "Fall Equinox Balance"

Archangel Gabriel, whose name means, “Strength of God” is one of the most nurturing of all of God’s angels. He is a well-known messenger of God. This loving archangel is one of the few to be mentioned by name in

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What is an Angel Practitioner?

An Angel Practitioner is a Psychic/Intuitive Light Worker that works closely with Archangels and Angels to help give advise and/or healing to others, animals, and the planet. They can be in many types of Psychic and Healing disciplines. To name

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5 Ways to Meet Your Guardian Angel

Your Guardian Angel is always with you. Have you been able to meet your Angel? Sometimes we don’t even think about meeting them, sometimes it is very easy due to your physic abilities, sometimes you just need a little help!

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Thurs – Sept 28th: How To Find A Good Tarot Reader!

Thursday, September 28th, on Angelic Realms Radio! …Join your Hosts Susanne Warnett and Dax Carlisle, as they discuss: “How To Find A Good Tarot Reader!” …Plus “Tarot Insider” returns to Thursdays and Blog Talk Radio! Come Join the conversation! There’s a

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Do I Have a Guardian Angel?

The Answer is YES. We are all born with a Guardian Angel that stays with us from Birth to Death. Some believe the same Guardian Angel is with us in all our lifetimes. Our Guardian Angel whispers in our ear

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