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Be the person you feel the safest around.

Feeling insecure does not feel good and is a feeling we tend to avoid. In this avoidance, we miss the chance to give ourselves the love, attention, and support we need to feel free to show up in that area.

Getting through the Holidays, Without Your Loved Ones, Who Have Passed….

Hosts Pamela Jones, Janice Fuchs and Rose Fulhorst  discuss Getting through the Holidays, Without Your Loved Ones, Who Have Passed…. …Plus they will be Taking Your Calls, for Mini-Readings – Mediumship – Angels! …And filling you in on the latest News from,

Introducing My *NEW Angelic Law of Attraction Course!

Are you feeling bored in your life? Do you feel you aren’t living to your full potential? Do you look at your friends on facebook and ask yourself why do their lives look so much more fulfilling? It is no

“Dear Janice” – Video #6

Scroll Below for The VIDEO! Dear Janice I am writing to you because I can’t seem to get past what is happening at work. I am a very spiritual person but when it comes to work I get so upset.

Dear Janice – VIDEO #5

Dear Janice, I have been very upset lately because my life hasn’t turned out the way I wanted it to. I have been in many failed relationships and have never had any children. This is never what I expected my

Dear Janice – VIDEO #4

Dear Janice, I have many people in my life who do not support me and because they are family I cannot walk away from them. My husband and I are very generous with our time and money to help our

Dear Janice – VIDEO #3

Dear Janice, I have been taking many classes and courses online to develop my connection to the spirit world. I really want to be able to talk to my Angels spirits and guides. I love going for readings but would

Dear Janice – VIDEO #2

Dear Janice, When I was in my late 20’s I lost my whole family in a very short period of time. For a long time I let that define me. In some way it kept me connected to them. I

Dear Janice – VIDEO #1…..

Dear Janice, I have been on a spiritual path for about two years now. I meditate; I do yoga I am feeling very connected to my source and my life. I can’t remember the last time I felt this good.

“Dear Janice”….

See the Latest Column / VIDEO here: DEAR JANICE COLUMN I am so excited to announce my New “Dear Janice” column. Growing up, I always read “Dear Abby” and loved hearing her advice on every topic imaginable. As a psychotherapist for