“Dear Janice”….

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I am so excited to announce my New “Dear Janice” column. Growing up, I always read “Dear Abby” and loved hearing her advice on every topic imaginable. As a psychotherapist for the past 20 years, I can say helping and guiding people is my passion.

My guidance has changed over the years, and I now love to blend traditional methods with my spiritual knowledge and angelic connection…

My own spiritual journey has transformed my life, and I feel inspired to share what I’ve learned and continue to learn with you. I wanted to offer this opportunity to ask your questions and have them posted weekly in the Dear Abby format, so that other people may benefit from them as well.

Please feel free to private message me your questions, or email them to me at Janice@angelpractitioners.com. Of course, names will be changed to protect your privacy!

I am so thrilled and excited to embark on this new journey with YOU!

Angel blessings,

Janice Mary

See the Latest Column / VIDEO here: DEAR JANICE COLUMN

JaniceProfileImageJanice Fuchs, LCSW is Host of Angelic Realms Radio, and the creator/instructor of our Angelic Mediumship & Mentoring™ Course!

She is a licensed psychotherapist and Co-Founder of the International Association of Angel Practitioners – I.A.A.P. and AngelPractitioners.com…

Janice is also an Author “The Forgotten Friend” and a “Guide to Angelic Mediumship” She is Angel Practitioner and Intuitive Therapist & Medium, having working with thousands of clients, via her practice.

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Janice Mary is a licensed clinical social worker from Long Island, NY. She has spent the last 25 years providing psychotherapy to adults, children, and teens. In the last several years, Janice began to explore a wide range of spiritual and alternative methods to enhance her own life and her practice. After having a life-changing spiritual experience, Janice began using her spiritual connection to help with her clients and to also connect with people that have passed into spirit. She has written two books inspired by her spiritual connection called, “The Forgotten Friend” and “A guide to Angelic Mediumship.” She is a co-host of the Angelic Realms Radio show and co-founder of The International Association of Angel Practitioners. Janice continues her psychotherapy practice and writes a blog called Daily Keepsakes.