Earth Angels Update!!!


Update on what’s been happening with Brenda:

Brenda has been to a shaman/traditional healer who seems to have removed the influence of her own personal ‘Kilgrave’, who we will name Frank.

At another evening of doing message work with friends, Brenda fills us all in on what has transpired since our last visit.  One of the ladies from that other night had given her the number of a traditional healer and shaman who is very experienced with removing different ‘influences’, shall we say.  This woman even teaches other shamans how to do ‘the work’.

During the session, the healer regresses Brenda back into the life where she first encounters Frank.  Brenda has visions of Frank living somewhere in Europe, possibly France, in and around 1879.  He is a member of the aristocracy; however, all his life the frustration of not being able to live out his sexual proclivities eats him at his very core.  As he has fantasies which are sadomasochistic in nature, he realizes early on that the typical company he keeps, very well-bred women of noble blood, will have little interest in bringing these ‘fantasies’ to life.  His main longing is to be able to repeatedly and brutally sexually torture a woman, any woman, yet he laments over not being able to get his hands on one.  He comes to realize that the woman will have to be a commoner, perhaps a peasant.

A chance meeting allows Brenda to enter into his world and his rather nasty affection becomes the source of her new affliction.

As the session progresses, the shamanic healer has an insight.   She tells Brenda that in order for her to be done with Frank once and for all, she has to find some compassion for the man, and now spirit.

She takes Brenda further into the slipstream of time and space and Brenda begins to witness the childhood of her spirit stalker and tormentor.  Brenda sees what his life was like back then.

Unfortunately, even though (and perhaps because) Frank is born into a very wealthy family, his parents have little time for him.  He is mostly brought up by a caregiver or nanny.  This woman is very strict and abusive and beats the boy, producing visible marks.  She literally starves the boy, so much so that he ends up frail and gaunt.  The parents know no better and believe it a boyish condition, that all boys are so thin and troubled.  The sheer hatred he engenders for this woman morphs and expands and an animosity towards all women is the result.  Beatings administered to Brenda seem to whet his appetite for more and more torture.  His appetite for inflicting pain grows to the point of being insatiable.  He gains a new sense of power in being able to control Brenda.  Beatings and whippings and sexual torture continue until she learns that the only way out is death or escape.  She realizes his ‘love’ wasn’t worth him hurting her so badly, so she leaves him, sneakily.  She had lived in his mansion, but hidden away in the basement.   He hunts her down, back on the street, trying to convince her to return.  She won’t, having lost all hope for love.  She can’t bear that she allowed herself to be used like such, so she lets herself get sick, and fades away, not treating her illness, wanting to die.  He hates her for that decision — the finality of her death takes his chances away of ever getting what he wants.  He never “gets” a woman again.  He is obsessed and confused with revenge and love, sexuality and hurt.

Session over.


After Brenda has finished telling us about her session, she says she is sure this need to feel compassion for Frank, as a child, is what was necessary for the hold he had on her, even from the world of Spirit, to be broken.

Brenda tells us that since the healing session, she has barely seen her neighbour (check first blog entitled Earth Angels), and when she did, the woman didn’t glare at her.  Eureka!  Brenda also said she had her first outdoor dinner party without her neighbour “there” staring at her guests — for the fist time in 5 years they’ve lived beside each other!

With Frank gone, she has also noticed that men have been flirting with her.  Obviously, a change in her energetic field has allowed men to notice her more and things have certainly ‘opened up’ for her.

Next update will be on Claire.


Angel Blessings,


Patrick Angel 😉





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