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From The Desk of Dr. Steve G. Jones

NLP Master Trainer

Las Vegas, NV

SteveI hope you are having a good week.

I wrote this special letter to let you know that one of my best selling programs is called the NLP Practitioner and people go absolutely nuts over it.

The NLP Practitioner is a comprehensive certification program that contains 10 videos and a 100 page digital book loaded with some really killer techniques that teach you how to master the art of NLP. Youll learn how to help others (and yourself) using NLP. All this can be done from the comfort of your own home. These techniques are based on my own 28 years of experience working with people.

Some even say it’s the greatest course they have ever taken.

That’s pretty amazing!

Either way the reason for this letter is really simple.

While I have literally certified THOUSANDS of students to become NLP Practitioners, I noticed that your name wasnt on the list of people who purchased the program.

I get it.

Maybe you didnt have the money at the time I offered it. It’s happened to the best of us.

Well Heres Your Chance To Take Advantage Of

An Exclusive Opportunity That Probably Wont

Come Around Again

Since I want to get you certified, I decided to give you a HUGE discount on my NLP Practitioner Certification. We‘re talking a 99% discount.

To sum that up...

The list price of the program is $675. That’s the price the general public pays for it.

Yes, its true. Just go to and see for yourself if you dont believe me. Go ahead, go see and then come back to this letter.

During the rare occasion I offer this to my subscribers at a discount

Now Is One Of Those Rare Occasions So You

Can Have Access To It For A Secret Price Of

Just $10 If you act quickly.

That’s $665 off the normal price. That’s not a typo. I said

$675. This is what the general public pays for it. Theres just one catch.

All I ask is that you take the 2 months to dive into the

material which includes the 10 instructional training videos, a digital book and begin putting it to use in your life. Then send me a short description of your favorite NLP technique you used and how it worked. Two sentences max.

The goal for you should be really simple. Use this course + the techniques Ill teach you in the course to become a certified NLP Practitioner from home while helping others change their life at the same time. It doesnt get any better than that!

It doesnt matter if you have no previous experience with NLP.

Once you complete this course, youll be well schooled in using the art of NLP. Just use the techniques that you learn in the program.

Thats it.

Pretty simple and straight to the point.

If you want in, you must use this special invitation link

(only limited spots are available)

Click This Private Invitation Only Link

This page will look a lot like the regular page but with special pricing.

But whatever you do, please DO NOT share this with anyone.

It could cause A LOT of problems.

If you feel like this is right for you, click here.

Dr. Steve

PS I assure you this won’t last very long so you need to decide now whether or not this is something you want. If you feel like this is right for you, click here.



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