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A little while ago, friends and I met up for some fun, food, and tarot readings.  Earlier that week, my Akashic Tarot cards had come in the mail, and I was ever-so-eager to try them out.  We always try something different each time we meet up and I thought Sharon and Sandra’s cards would be perfect for the evening.  Fortunately, I had listened to my intuition and every one had an awesome time using my new card deck.  (Back to this in a mo!)

I had met Sharon Anne Klingler two summers before and it wasn’t until last summer that I met her identical twin sister, Sandra Anne Taylor.  The summer of 2017 saw me back at Lily Dale for the second time.  This time I had signed up for one of Sharon and Sandra’s classes, and my friends and I did manage to get in another class to do with Egyptology.

Sandra Anne Taylor’s work often focuses on past lives.  During one of the solo practice activities the first night, I was a little surprised to see images from a past life in Egypt in which I was a common man — we’ve all been told we were pharaohs at some point, haven’t we? 😉  “Nice,” I thought to myself.  “This explains some of the karmic situations and lessons I had when I was in Egypt this life time.

The next day, I remember getting visions of what I should do in this lifetime.  The very day that Spirit was telling me through visions and claircognizance that I needed to focus on the home and making my current home feel more ‘homey’ and ‘cozy’, there was a lottery for the Lily Dale Firefighter’s Association that night.  I had bought quite a few tickets and was busily putting them into baskets in hopes one would be picked and I would win a prize.  There were tables filled with prizes to be won.  My friend Sandra had had to call me over so I could get in line for the mini-mediumship readings they also had on offer.  Every week at Lily Dale, many of the resident mediums come out at night to do readings for the public.   I’ve seen some prefer reading groups of three to four at one time, but this night, everything was one to one.  The first thing that came out of the mouth of the second medium I visited was, “I see that you’re a medium, too!

After the readings, many people in attendance chatted briefly with each other while the prizes were being called out.  I had missed the calling out of about the first ten prizes so checked all my tickets.  No winner yet.  About half way through the lottery, one of my tickets was called out!  Any guesses of what was inside the basket?  Remember the visions I had had earlier that day?

Well,  yes,  the magic of Spirit messages confirmed again!  Inside the basket was a set of gold plated candle sticks, a little plaque with a butterfly on it, two glass blue bird figurines, two other small white candles in glass containers, and two canvas wall hangings.  One of the wall art pieces said “Love is all you need” and the other “Home: a house is made of walls & beams; a home is built with love & dreams“.

At the event, I bumped into someone who I had met the summer before in a mediumship class instructed by Lisa Williams and Sharon Anne Klingler.  It was Ruth Shilling.  She informed me that she was giving a class on the Ancient Egyptian Gods & Goddesses the next morning and invited Sandra and I to participate.  It was then that I told her about my trips to Egypt and I found myself recounting the night I had the healing from Isis. (If you haven’t read about this, please visit my earlier posts on my trips to Egypt!)

The next morning was certainly an adventure.  We learned how to read many of the Gods and Goddesses names in hieroglyphics, the truth surrounding each of the Gods and Goddesses she presented, and not just the popularized Western versions of each, and did some journeying to Egypt and to Egyptian temples.  Ruth even had me stand up in front of the class to retell my story about how Isis had healed my eye!  Lily Dale this summer was another very memorable trip!

Now back to the night with my friends in Toronto.

Always listening to my intuition, that little voice inside, I had brought Sharon and Sandra’s new Akashic Tarot card deck to my friend’s house so that I could suggest using them.  I just had to mention them once and talk about them a little for one of my friends to exclaim, “I wish you had brought them with you tonight!  I’d like to see them!  I’ve been wanting to do more work with cards.”  In a matter of seconds, I had whipped them out of my bag and told them that we should use them that night in the readings we were to give each other.  All agreed enthusiastically!

In the reading that I got, my friend pulled the card with Archangel Michael on it.  While delivering her messages, she looked down and saw that below the image of Michael were leaves as he was surrounded by nature.  This had her saying that doing readings was now ‘second nature‘ to me.  I found her choice of words very interesting as they had me recollect a time a couple years back when I had just started mediumship training.  I had been watching an Australian Netflix show on my computer called Mako Mermaids.  (If you know of it, please don’t judge me!!! hehe)

By this time, I had gotten accustomed to basically half watch shows on my computer while doing other chores like washing the dishes, cleaning the floors or anything else really.  Because of this, I sometimes kept the English subtitles on so that I’d have two senses working for me as I was busy running around cleaning.  I remember having to pause the show as I was exiting the room for a few minutes.  One of the show’s newest mermaids, Evie, had been learning how to use her ‘new-found’ mermaid powers.  Evie was a little frustrated at not being able to master her abilities.  It was then that the other mermaid said, “It takes some people a while to master ….. ” and it was then that I had to hit the pause button.  The next part of the caption, which was frozen on the screen, read:

“.. but don’t worry, once you do, then it becomes second nature.






I was a little transfixed as my eyes gazed at the screen in wonder.  I had been just thinking about my own abilities and where they would lead me in this new world of mediumship.  It was nice to now have the confirmation from Spirit again.

As I’m writing this now, I am also reminded of something that happened even years before.  I had been teaching a class and showing my students a clip from the television show “Thank God You’re Here!”  (This was the time of the TV and DVD player – both of which I don’t even use anymore!) For some reason, each time I played the DVD when it got to one particular scene with a housewife and a plumber played by Canadian actor/comedian Tom Green, the DVD would always freeze right after the housewife asked Tom Green one specific question.  That question was:

What makes you such a master?

… followed by ….

Seriously, what makes you such a master?










The mermaid in the scene said it was all about focus and intent, but I also always like to add the ol’ adage: practice makes perfect!

Angel Blessings!!!!!






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