Meet Maria G Maas!




Maria at The Omega Institute in New York…


Whether you have a specific question for which you are in need of insight or guidance, or would just like to know what is important for you to be aware of at this time, then you are in the right place.

Through the ancient wisdom of the tarot and angelic messengers, I can help you find the insight, inspiration, or guidance that you seek. In addition, I can help you learn how to listen and talk to your angels, so that you will feel more sure of your own inner guidance.


I am very inspired by the angelic realm and include angel messages for my clients when I do tarot readings. I believe that during a reading session, the majority of detail that comes to me intuitively and psychically is coming from the angels. The tarot is a spiritual tool that I use for intuitive guidance and personal empowerment. It’s colorful and detailed imagery also helps to jump-start my psychic impressions as I conduct a reading.

Viewing a photograph of a person who is either living or deceased is also another way that I can connect to the energy of a person and obtain psychic information. During live phone readings or live on-air readings via the radio show that I co-host, Angelic Realms Radio, by hearing a person’s voice, I can connect to his/her energy and provide a psychic reading for that person.


Although I have studied tarot since the early 1980s, I only began reading tarot professionally in 2008. I have studied under world-renowned tarot teachers like, Mary K. Greer and Rachel Pollack at the Omega Institute, in Rhinebeck, NY. I use this knowledge as a basis for all of my readings, which I then infuse with information that comes to me intuitively and psychically. On occasion, I am also able to reach beyond the traditional boundaries of a tarot reading and tap into the energy of departed loved ones.

As an angel reader, I have studied under Doreen Virtue, PhD and have earned the title, Certified Angel Card Reader™. I am a Tarot Guild Certified Tarot Master™, and Co-Founder of The International Association of Angel PractitionerI.A.A.P. and

In February of 2015 I launched the World’s FIRST and only comprehensive Certified Angel Practitioner™ Course

I have been working to hone my abilities as a psychic-medium, and have studied under the internationally famous psychic-medium, clairvoyant, and author, Lisa Williams at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. I also attend a weekly psychic-medium development circle. I am able to communicate with the spirits of the departed and obtain evidential information like, names and/or dates that come to me as images in my mind’s eye (clairvoyance) and thoughts that just come to mind (claircognizance).

I sometimes also get feelings/sensations (clairsentience) that are relevant to the cause of death of the departed. I now realize that this ability has been with me since I was a child and many of the things that either scared or confused me at that time, now make complete sense and are actually, quite comforting.


My approach to a psychic, tarot, or angel reading is to provide intuitive guidance and empowerment for my clients. In my opinion, a reading should be a positive and inspirational experience. Before beginning a reading, I always ask my angels and spirit guides to, “…only show me information that is in the highest good of all concerned in the matter for the person I am reading….” I fully respect the free will of those who come to me for readings.

I do a lot of prayer work with the angels and have found that they work extremely fast to provide comfort and guidance — sometimes, in only a matter of minutes! I usually conclude tarot readings for my clients with angel messages. Angels are non-denominational entities that are pure loving energy that is an extension of God/Source/Divine, thus they will never interfere with a person’s free will.

Disclaimer: I do not provide, nor am I qualified to give, medical, psychological, financial, and/or legal advice and suggest that any questions regarding such matters be addressed to qualified professionals of those respective fields. It is my intent to only provide intuitive guidance for my clients’ personal empowerment on a spiritual level, so as to enable my clients to be inspired to continue their own individual spiritual growth and development.

I look forward to sharing the positive insight and advice that the tarot and the angels have for you…

In love and light,
~ Maria Maas