Become a Host on “Angelic Realms Radio”!

Whether you have been a Reader, Life Coach or Angel Practitioner for 30 years, or are just starting out, the next logical step is raise oneself above the level of Practitioner,
to that of The EXPERT….! 

You Need to Stand Out From the Crowd!

You can accomplish this many ways, such as becoming a Published Author, Creating an Angel, Oracle or Tarot Deck, becoming well-known as a knowledgeable, excellent instructor, and so on….

…..Another way is Host a Radio Show!

Here at Angelic Realms Radio, and The I.A.A.P., you have the opportunity to do all the above, and be guided the whole way!

We are now in our 8th year of broadcasting! When we started out, it was a steep learning curve – we did it all ourselves, learning from the ground up, making the mistakes, learning the ins and outs. But you don’t have to do that! …You have the benefit of our experience, as a Host on Angelic Realms Radio! 

In addition, we will help you create your own Workshops and market them …and several of our Hosts are Published Authors, willing to guide you and help you get your Book(s) Out (…and Decks)!

The opportunity is Turn-Key, with experienced Hosts and Staff, holding your hand through the whole process!

….We currently have openings on Wednesdays, and Saturdays, any time of the day/evening

We have found that a dynamic of 2 – 3 Hosts works the best. This way, you have a partner(s) in planning out your episodes, Topics and Guests, and running your show, screening Callers, etc. Plus if you need time off, the show still goes on! …so again, you won’t be going it alone!

We are also looking at launching a *New 2nd Channel for Angelic Realms Radio, later 2017/or early 2018! ….This will open up additional Days & Times for new Hosts!

In addition to becoming The Expert, and also having a lot of Fun! doing a Radio Show, there are many ways to Monetise Your Show: Promoting Your Private Readings, creating and selling your own Workshops & Products, getting Sponsors for your show, affiliate sales, and so on……

Here’s a List of Some of What We Provide You:
  • You get the benefit of being a Host on a large Network, with All the other Hosts & Shows promoting YOU and your Show!
  • All the Training you need, and the benefit of our Experience
  • A Staff Member will Host your PREMIER EPISODE, interviewing you and your co-hosts
  • A Staff Member will run the Board for you, in the beginning, letting you get your feet wet
  • On-Going Technical Support
  • Marketing and Promotion of Your Show
  • Your Own Hosts Page on our Website
  • Creation of any additional Pages you need, on the Website
  • Inclusion in our List of Hosts
  • Special Host-Only Promotional Opportunities
  • Create all the Promotional Banners and Images for You, your Guests, etc.
  • Create the Episode Promotional Posts
  • Create the Episode Replay Posts
  • Setup the individual episodes on the BlogTalkRadio System for you
  • A Platform to Promote Your Own Paid Private Readings and other Services
  • Help you create and market your own Workshops, Classes and Products
  • The Opportunity to get your own Show Sponsors, for additional Revenues
  • Exclusive Affiliate Program for our Hosts – Promote our courses and products and get paid for every sale!
  • Provide Social Media promotion, such as our 14,800 Followers on Twitter,
    and over 200,000+ on Facebook!

There are no Contracts or long-term commitments!

What Do We Need From You?
  • You are a Great Reader, Coach, Healer, Practitioner
  • Love Good and Intelligent Spiritual Conversation
  • Dependable
  • Confident
  • Positive and Abundant Attitude
  • Able to commit 1 – 2 hours per week on this
  • Willing to Learn
  • A Team-Player, who doesn’t mind learning our business and promoting The I.A.A.P.,, and Angelic Realms Radio

What’s The Cost? …There is a modest monthly Host Fee of just $47 …This let’s us know that you are Serious about this endeavor, and to compensate our Staff for all the work, noted above…

However, you will have the opportunity to make many times the small host fee, by monetising your show! It’s our intention that Our Hosts Make Money!

Start Your Journey to Becoming a Host, and “The Expert” TODAY!

To get Started or Inquire further, contact our Executive Producer and Co-Founder Dax Carlisle at: (fastest way) or email: