Open Lines! …Psychic, Tarot, Medium & Angel Readings!

The Co-Founders of The I.A.A.P., Maria G Maas, Janice Fuchs and Dax Carlisle, are BACK On-Air together, for this OPEN LINES Episode!

YOU Call in and Set the Topic!

 …You can ask questions about ANY of our topics, working as a practitioner in Tarot, Angels, Mediumship, and also get FREE Readings, Live On-Air!

They will also be filling you in on the upcoming 1st Annual Halloween Bash! ….a private virtual, on-air party, for our I.A.A.P. and Tarot Guild Members, with Free Gifts, Readings, and MORE!




Dax is the Founder & President of The Tarot Guild (14 years), and a Co-Founder of The International Association of Angel Practitioners (The I.A.A.P.)! He is the Host of "Tarot Insider" radio, and in his 9th year of broadcasting! ...Find out more about Dax at: