Halloween Show! …Ghost Stories and OPEN LINES!

Hosts Pamela Jones and Rose Fulhorst held OPEN LINES! …They invited callers to call in with their Ghost Stories …and also get FREE Readings, Live On-Air!

…and filling you in on the latest News, from “Angelic Realms Radio”, and the International Association of Angel Practitioners – I.A.A.P.!




Rev. Dr. Dax Carlisle, DD, CCH, CTM is the Co-Founder of The International Association of Angel Practitioners (I.A.A.P.), AngelPractitioners.com and Host of the “Tarot Insider” radio show Thursdays. He is the Creator of the Angelic Numerology and Tarot™ Course – The World’s 1st and ONLY one of it’s kind! Dax is an Ordained Gnostic Minister, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Angelic Numerologist and Tarot Master. He has been President of The Tarot Guild for the last 13 years (www.TarotGuild.org) and is a radio personality, in his 8th year of broadcasting! — http://Facebook.com/DaxCarlisle — dax@angelpractitioners.com — http://AngelPractitioners.com/Dax