Stress is asking for your loving attention.

When feelings of stress hit take a moment to recognize and thank YOU for all you do! Many professions receive awards for the specialized work they do. Today make sure your name is called to receive your “Best work in life award.” This simple acknowledgment by YOU can relieve the pent up energy of stress.

Look at all that is on your life plate and acknowledge all the amazing things you do. Look at this beautiful plate, and each thing on it represents your success, not your failure. It is not what we are adding to this plate that causes it to crack; it is our harsh judgment about how we are doing that breaks it.

We can’t expect ourselves to do a hundred things perfectly, but instead, we can see the perfection in the loving person who tries so hard and does so much.

Stress is not the enemy it is just asking you for some time and attention for you to recognize and love YOU.

Thanks for reading and feel free to share!

Janice Mary
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Janice Mary is a licensed clinical social worker from Long Island, NY. She has spent the last 25 years providing psychotherapy to adults, children, and teens. In the last several years, Janice began to explore a wide range of spiritual and alternative methods to enhance her own life and her practice. After having a life-changing spiritual experience, Janice began using her spiritual connection to help with her clients and to also connect with people that have passed into spirit. She has written two books inspired by her spiritual connection called, “The Forgotten Friend” and “A guide to Angelic Mediumship.” She is a co-host of the Angelic Realms Radio show and co-founder of The International Association of Angel Practitioners. Janice continues her psychotherapy practice and writes a blog called Daily Keepsakes.