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Lily Dale 2.0

A little while ago, friends and I met up for some fun, food, and tarot readings.  Earlier that week, my Akashic Tarot cards had come in the mail, and I was ever-so-eager to try them out.  We always try something

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Reveal Posted: Pick An Angel Crystal Oracle Card

Close your eyes and still your mind. Pick the card you are most drawn to for your personal message and guidance from the Crystal Angel Oracle. Reveal will be tomorrow in this post. Let your intuition guide you. Leave your

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The 2 Most Misunderstood Tarot Card…

We all love to be entertained!  We love watching movies, television, and reading.  However, we tend to take the notions from the entertainment industry as true.  This is unfortunate.   These Two Tarot cards have been grossly misunderstood due to the

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Earth Angels Update!!!

  Update on what’s been happening with Brenda: Brenda has been to a shaman/traditional healer who seems to have removed the influence of her own personal ‘Kilgrave’, who we will name Frank. At another evening of doing message work with

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Who is Archangel Michael?

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL is probably the most well know and most worked with Archangels. He is mentioned by name in the Bible and is known for striking down fallen Angels.  Archangel Micheal usually is pictured with his mighty sword, which may

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What is an Angel Practitioner?

An Angel Practitioner is a Psychic/Intuitive Light Worker that works closely with Archangels and Angels to help give advise and/or healing to others, animals, and the planet. They can be in many types of Psychic and Healing disciplines. To name

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5 Ways to Meet Your Guardian Angel

Your Guardian Angel is always with you. Have you been able to meet your Angel? Sometimes we don’t even think about meeting them, sometimes it is very easy due to your physic abilities, sometimes you just need a little help!

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Do I Have a Guardian Angel?

The Answer is YES. We are all born with a Guardian Angel that stays with us from Birth to Death. Some believe the same Guardian Angel is with us in all our lifetimes. Our Guardian Angel whispers in our ear

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Earth Angels

Toronto.  May. 2017. Walking my Chow Chow down the street, I am reflecting on what has transpired over the past few weeks, few months, few years.                            

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Course Testimonials for “Mastering the Art of Angel, Oracle, and Tarot Card Reading”

Banner Image for Mastering the Art of Angel, Oracle, and Tarot Card Reading

Here’s what our graduates are saying about this unique 3-in-1 course, Mastering the Art of Angel, Oracle, and Tarot Card Reading…

“Mastering the Art of Angel, Oracle, and Tarot Card Reading is a great class especially if you are just beginning. I came into the class with some tarot card reading experience, in order to learn about angel readings; and, to my surprise, I came across gaps in my knowledge of the tarot cards. Maria gently takes you from where you are on your level of experience and shares what she knows. Her knowledge of the angel cards is exceptional. I am glad I took her class. My level of confidence in reading angel, oracle and tarot cards has gone up significantly, which makes a huge difference in any intuitive, spiritual, and coaching practice.”

~ Dr. Angi of Virginia, US

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