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Lily Dale 2.0

A little while ago, friends and I met up for some fun, food, and tarot readings.  Earlier that week, my Akashic Tarot cards had come in the mail, and I was ever-so-eager to try them out.  We always try something

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Reveal Posted: Pick An Angel Crystal Oracle Card

Close your eyes and still your mind. Pick the card you are most drawn to for your personal message and guidance from the Crystal Angel Oracle. Reveal will be tomorrow in this post. Let your intuition guide you. Leave your

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Earth Angels Update!!!

  Update on what’s been happening with Brenda: Brenda has been to a shaman/traditional healer who seems to have removed the influence of her own personal ‘Kilgrave’, who we will name Frank. At another evening of doing message work with

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First Magick!

Many moons ago, Patrick and Michael were living together in a 3-bedroom basement apartment in downtown Toronto.  Above us was a law firm and we knew the owner, thus, ensuring ourselves a deep reduction in rent. We had been going

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Earth Angels

Toronto.  May. 2017. Walking my Chow Chow down the street, I am reflecting on what has transpired over the past few weeks, few months, few years.                            

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Myth, fairytale, tantra helps!

It is June 2017 and having recently sensed an ‘upgrade’ and gone through an initiation in which I was told that (some of) my Spirit Guides had graduated and that I would be getting four new ones, I am a

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Angelic Reiki

A woman I had met at Arthur Findlay College in the U.K. first introduced me to Angelic Reiki.  As soon as I had heard her talking about it, I naturally thought it would be a perfect accompaniment to being an

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ANGEL MESSAGE FOR THE WEEK: Press the Pause Button…

Sunset Image on beach with Quote

by Maria G Maas, Author of ANGEL PRACTITIONER HANDBOOK: A Foundation Guide Weekly Angelic Message for April 23 through April 29, 2017 Press the Pause Button… In order to stay inspired, it is necessary to take time to just be… When the hustle and

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Pay it forward word collage

by Maria G Maas, Author of ANGEL PRACTITIONER HANDBOOK: A Foundation Guide Weekly Angelic Message for April 16 through April 21, 2017 Pay it Forward… Has someone done something kind for you? Have you had a recent lucky break? Are you feeling blessed? This

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Face Reading

As a child, I used to get messages from clouds, leaves, rocks — basically, the whole world around me!  I even used to marvel at how each of my finger or toe nails seemed to embody a different character, like

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